October 2019

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    Handmade Lampshades Bristol

    Posted on: 31 Oct 2019. Category: Handmade Lampshades Bristol

    Handmade Lampshades Bristol

    Ablectrics now has its own range of beautiful Handmade Lampshades, Comprising of 2 sizes and a range of colours you have plenty of choice for your decor. Being handmade does mean a little wait for them but is also means you get shades of the highest quality. These shades are now on display in our Bristol Showroom. They are made to order and take 10 working days. 



    The Outer is a opulant Brushed velvet material with either a copper or gold metalic inner, The colours available in the collection include Navy, Mustard, Burgundy, Pink, Teal and Black, this gives you 12 different combinations and each one can be produced to fit either of the 2 sizes we have, these sizes are 300mm and 450mm. If the colours we have are not to your liking bring in some material of your own and we can create a shade with it. 



    The shade centre takes a Edison Screw lampholder, this makes them perfect for some of our Fraser Besant Lighting pendants and Batton holders, as with all Fraser Besant Lighting products these can be mixed and matched as you see fit, although we do recommend the lampholder itself matches the inner of the shade(copper or gold). All these shades we start appearing on our website soon for ordering but are available to order in store now, please call in for more details and to see our brand new display. These will soon be available through our website for UK home delivery but for now they are exclusive to our Bristol lighting showroom. 

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    Lighting Sale Online

    Posted on: 25 Oct 2019. Category: lighting sale online

    Lighting Sale Online

    Ablectrics electrical wholesaler is having our final sale day of 2019, this year we have been celebrating 45 years of trading and this is your last chance to take advantage of some amazing offers. All Lighting, LED's and the Rako Controls home automation has 15% off. The offer is only Saturday 26th October in store(open 08:00 until 17:30) and online Saturday and Sunday(using the unique timed code OCT1519 in the voucher section at the checkout when placing your order). 

    Image result for this weekened sale poster

    Recently we've added some new animal lights and other novelty table and wall lights to compliment the increasing range of Seletti lighting, think cheeky monkeys, we have, from new a new supplier which has bashful monkey table lamps to giant lips wall lights we have a large range of unusual and feature lighting. For the 1st time we are including the Integral Evofire downlights, these slim bezel, IP65 and fire rated canless downlights are a stylish solution to task lighting without stading out when not in use

    We also have the fantastic range of Fraser Besant Lighting Pendants, downlights, LED's and bespoke fittings, these highly sort after products are perfect for industrial style rooms to complete any design.

    Ablectrics is situated on the famous Gloucester Road in Bristol and our Lighting showroom is filled with different styles and colours and our staff are always happy to help. We also have a lighting design service to help with any lighting enquiries you may have.



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    Conduit Lighting Specialists

    Posted on: 21 Oct 2019. Category: Conduit Lighting Specialists

    Conduit Lighting Specialists

    Metal Conduit is steel tubing(galvanised) and usually used for running cables where there is no way to hide them behind a wall. It protects cable from a number of hazards and because of it's hardwearing capabilities lasts for years. This is mainly used in factories where the need for hiding the cables is not neccessary. This industrial look is popular in the home now for certain applications(usually kitchens) and we have created a range of Light fittings, batton holders and wall lights to take advantage of this. We also have a LED dimmer suitable for all the types of LED lamps we stock

    Wall Lights

    Wall Lights in the conduit range would require the conduit itself to be run either along the wall(for multiple lights) or from a centre point in the ceiling which can be achieved by bending it(a particular tool is required) and you can view how this would look on our display in our Bristol showroom. We have adjustable reading lights, adjustable GU10 spotlights and fixed decorative lights.




    We can convert nearly any pre made pendant into a conduit suitable pendant but our Verdgris copper pendants are ideal for this. A range of sizes can accommodate any dining table or breakfast bar. As mentioned we can convert pendants to fit on conduit as well as offering a bespoke service for a whole system. The conduit and accessories can also be powder coated to change the finish. 


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    LED Tape Profile

    Posted on: 18 Oct 2019. Category: LED Tape Profile

    LED Tape Profile

    LED tape profile has a multitude of uses, The most common reason for buying it is for hiding the LED tape itself but is also a great way to pull heat away(heat sink) from the LED's to keep their lifespan. Another reason is to protect the tape from any accidental impact damage from tape situated in areas of traffic(underneath kitchen units). A final reason is to offer secondary lighting, whether it's a discreet shadow Gap profile or a simple angled profile we have you(and your LED tape) covered. 

    Different Styles

    There are 2 main types of LED profile, Aluminium and Paintable.

    Aluminium is practical and hardwearing and is great for furniture lighting such as cabinets or under counters. As Aluminium profiles have a diffuser that clips on top they are great at keeping the dust out, some or waterproof too for exterior use. Paintable profile is used for wall washing and decorative, We stock a range of the Orac decor profiles who specialise in this type. You can also use multple profiles together to create a shadow gap, this allows a small beam of light to emit and is great for cinema rooms, snugs or evening lounges. We recommend the use of a aluminium tape in the Orac profile to act as a heat sink.

    C374 ANTONIO

    LED Tape

    The LED tape itself comes in many variations, warm or cool white(colour changing can also be ordered) and different brightnesses(wattage per metre). We offer a bespoke service to be able to offer the lengths you need for any room as well as supplying suitable drivers for them. Please call in to our bristol showroom for more information. 


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    Posted on: 12 Oct 2019. Category: unique statement lighting

    We have a great range of unique statement lighting

    We have been in the industry now for 45 years and have a wealth of contacts, suppliers and designers we work with all over the world. While our lighting showroom is only in Bristol don’t think that stops us. We have visited lighting showrooms and factories across Europe and Asia to source and sometimes even develop the best lighting and LEDs. Lighting has come along so far in the last 15 years. From 2 wall lights and a central pendant being accepted as a lighting design to people using 5-10 lighting circuits to really enhance the room. We now have LED tape, RGB lighting and a choice of pendants and wall lights that is sometimes a little over-whelming. On our website we have over 12,000 lights to choose from and to be honest that’s not all of them. We are always actively looking for new suppliers and contacts. Only this week we have found two new suppliers and secured B2B accounts and stockists discounts. So that's another 500 lights in our portfolio just this week.

    So where do you start? The million dollar question. So the answer is to pick a room and go from there, then agree on the style. How do you want the room to feel and look. Modern, traditional, industrial... you can use websites like Houzz and Pintrest to help you identify what you like and what you don’t. Then you can always call or stop in and speak to us here in our showroom for more help. We have a lighting designer in our showroom and he will work directly with you. Helping you locate lighting in the best spot and make sure the light fittings and LEDs used work in the best way.

    So lighting can now be as much about the fitting as the light. What we mean by this is on or off a light fitting can make a serious impact. While we appreciate the subtle influence of a discreet minimalist light sometimes you want that instant wow factor. The best example of this is a dramatic light fitting over a gorgeous staircase. A double height ceiling invites you to fit something really amazing. Below we will show some of our favourite designs and statement lights to give you a feel for what we have available. With 45 successful years of business under our belt I think its fair to say we know what our customers want. While a fancy website and big discounts are favourable we still push good old fashioned customer service and a perfect lighting showroom to showcase the lighting is the best way. We approach each design and client with there own merit and take time to listen and identify what is needed. Our website is a last resort and we only ask people to check it if we have exhausted all other options. In a changing world with the high street facing its biggest struggle we are still actively investing in our shop and have plans to open a second lighting showroom soon.... watch this space.



    Our favourite styles of lighting.

    Lets start with kitchen pendants as this is a very important room to get right. Simple statement clear glass pendants look amazing and suit almost any style of kitchen. We have a huge choice of these and below are some of the best in the range. We have various sizes and styles. Recently we have seen a more opulant approach to the designs with opal glass making a big come back. 



    Feature wall lights 

    There are some stunning statement wall lights in our range and we have a great choice on display in our showroom. These are some of the best and are often favoured by our clients. 


    Large feature ceiling pendants and lights.

    Often popular for use in double height rooms or over a feature staircase. These really make a big impact and will get noticed on or off. To start we have our handmade flagship frame cube light. We have this on display in the 600mm x 600mm size but we can make them almost any size. We have gone as big as 1000mm before for a barn conversion and it was finished in stunning matte black finish. We can supply a mix of exiting filament LED lamps that produce an amber warm glow of light. 

    Then we have the ever popular ice cube multi drop pendant light. This has been afforded on numurous lighting designs and still wins favour in the showroom. It just doesn't date. So if its a safe choice of light fitting you are looking for then look no further than this elegent modern master piece. We love this light and so do our clients. 


    Unusual lighting designs.

    Now a few wild cards. These are what we would describe as marmite lights. People either love them or loath them but if its a statement you want to make then these are going to do it well. We also offer a full design and bespoke build service. We have created some amazing lights over the years for our clients. Including converting a missile case into a floor lamp for a man cave. So dont be afraid to discuss an idea or concept with us, we may be able to help you.



    Statement bathroom lighting.

    Making a statement in your bathroom or ensuite is a challenge. Having worked on 1000s of bathrooms and created some amazing designs if you want to make a statement then the best way is to include a chandelier or pendant light over your bath. People dont expect to see a hanging light in the bathroom as they assume they are not IP rated and cant be used. Well we have some options and they look amazing. 

    bathroom pendant lighting


    Bedroom lighting inspiration

    So when it comes to your bedroom lighting there are many directions you can take. When we are asked what lighting works well we often recommend a fabric pendant ceiling light and matching bedside wall lights. We offer a gorgeous range of fabric shades in a range of colours with a metal coloured inside. These sit over the bed and really work well in the space. LED tapes in wardrobes or around windows can also offer a nice source of secondary lighting. Dont forget you want to make sure a dressing table or mirror also has adequete light. This can be acheived with a baffled downlight. Below are a few images of some unusual and inspired bedroom lights. We have lots of options available and have a great choice on display in the showroom.


    Statement garden lighting

    So the garden and exterior of your home should not be overlooked. We have seen some very creative and inspired garden designs over the years and the lighting plays a key role in this. While the budget may not be available during a house build or renovation to allow this, trust us when we say if lighting is important to you then you will want exiting garden lights. So while your home is being worked on at the very minimum put a cable in place to light and power the outside. Then revisit this space when you have more time and money. Below are some seriously cool outdoor lights to inspire you. We also have a large exterior lighting display in our lighting showroom which is well worth a visit. Don't foget our lighting designer can also put a stylish lighting design together for you garden.

    statement garden lighting


    Best selling lights

    We have also created a brand new section online called our best sellers.  We appreciate not everyone can come and see us in the showroom and people do shop and browse online. So this new section of our website was put together with the help of our lighting designer to show the best designs and lights. We have put them into 6 catergories to try and narrow them down based on application. For any help we are always available on the phone 01179425355 or via email [email protected] 

    Our showroom address is 131 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AX. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more info and design ideas on lighting.

    amazing lighting ideas




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    Bedroom Lighting ideas

    Posted on: 03 Oct 2019. Category: Bedroom Lighting

    Bedroom Lighting ideas

    Bedrooms should be a haven of calm, and lighting is key in setting the scene. Give consideration to this when in the initial planning stages of your project. By layering and blending Ambient, Task and Feature lighting you will create a peaceful setting with good lighting for reading, dressing and awakening, follow these three steps to make your bedroom a calming and functional place

    Image result for bedroom lighting

    Ambient Mooid Lighting

    Located either side of a bed or near the door downlights are a popular choice but should be used sparingly. Positioning them in corners to make the bedroom feel bigger. Lighting a single wall or wardrobe front so the reflection produces a softer light thats reflected into the space rather than above the bed which gives an uncomfortable glare. A centrally positioned pendant or ceiling light will bathe the room in a soft light. Wall lights are ideal for giving the softer ambient light needed for waking or going to bed.

    Task Lighting

    Specific lighting for reading and inside cupboards or wardrobes will give you light where you need it without disturbing the peace. Wall lights that incorporate a reading arm are perfect for this task without interrupting anyone else. LED strip and surface mounted cabinet lighting work best for wardrobes.

    Feature Lighting

    Feature lighting can both provide interest and act as a night light. LED strip behind the headboard, or under the bed for a floating effect. recessed wall lights will guide the way to a door and give interesting patterns on the floor, Try to combine at least 2 different light sources so you can layer your light. Still need help? we offer a lighting design service for your project.

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    Fraser Besant Lighting Industrial Downlights

    Posted on: 02 Oct 2019. Category: Fraser Besant Lighting Industrial Downlights

    Fraser Besant Lighting Industrial Downlights

    The Fraser Besant lighting range of industrial downlights are ideal for rustic or vintage room sets and interior designs. These downlights bezels are hand finished here in our Bristol workshop and the can is complient with RoHS, WEEE and Part B building regulations

    We follow various processes to create the finishes and once a finish is achieved we are happy with we then lacquer the bezel to preserve this finish. This whole process takes several days and each downlight we produce ages and patinas slightly differently so not one of them is the same, this goes for the rust, Verdigris and concrete finishes.

    The idea behind these downlights is that using a suitable 400-500 lumen lamp these can be used alongside other vintage lighting such and pendants or wall lights which are not always great for primary lighting. Downlights are great for increasing overall light levels in a space. So we can now offer primary and secondary industrial lighting that matches. The cut out is 68mm and the overall height of the downlight is 94mm, the recess depth is required is 115mm due to the 10A connector block(which is inside a secure enclosure) lamps are sold separately and can take a 50 watt halogen 230v GU10 but we would recommend the use of an LED lamp. .

    We have these available from stock now and we have them on display in our Bristol showroom. Please feel free to come in and see them first to check the finish or order a sample from us.  

Free 0800 180 4509 7AM-5.30PM
[email protected] | 131 Gloucester Road, Bristol. BS7 8AX
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