September 2019

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    LED Tape for a Kitchen

    Posted on: 26 Sep 2019. Category: LED Tape for a Kitchen

    LED Tape for a Kitchen

    Choosing the right LED tape for a kitchen, our guide.

    LED tape is a fantastic way to add attractive accent lighting to almost any space. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can change the look and ambience of a space instantly and can provide attractive effects such as wall-washing, edge-lighting, under-cabinet lighting and much more. They are very low energy and last for 10-15 years. We have 3 different wattages of high CRI LED tape and all are available in warm white 2700k or cool white 4000k.

    4.8w Ambient/Mood

    The 4.8w(per metre) 300-400lm per metre LED tape is mostly used for lighting in cabinets, where you want some decorative lighting to display glasses or crockery, or for a gentle glow above any wall units providing secondary mood lighting and should be switched seperately to any primary lighting. It is ideal for secondary accent lighting.

    Using a 2700k LED tape fixed both to the underside of the units, and again on the top. This throws a balanced warm light into the room and makes a great feature of the wall units. Bringing light into a room from above without seeing the source creates great mood lighting and is very effective. It is not a primary source of light, to get proper light levels in a kitchen down lights or a track light should be used.

    9.6w Primary/Worktop

    9.6w(per metre) 500-600lm per metre is more commonly used underneath wall cabinets to shine onto your worktops for task lighting,colour of the tape used generally is depicted by the style of kitchen. It is also a great source of lighting in waredrobes and cupboards.The 9.6watt LED tape is by far our best selling and most popular tape and we always get great feedback.

    To recreate this look we have used 4000k cool white LED downlights, complimented with 4000k LED under cabinet strip lights. The kitchen is very modern with crisp gloss white doors and a white granite worktop. The 4000k light source fills the room with a more natural looking light and works very well with the colours in the kitchen. The whites really stand out and the vibrant splash back looks it's true colour. The overall effect is very effective and more people are choosing 4000k colour temprature LEDs now for their kitchens than ever before. We have also fitted 2 inset ceiling speakers into the ceiling and have run the speaker cable back to a hi-fi system above the fridge so music can be played.

    14.4w Wall wash

    14.4w(per metre) 800lm per metre can be used for wall wash effect on larger plain walls or inset around a Velux window(reflecting light back down when dark outside) which can give you some extra primary lighting where downlights cannot be placed. All of our LED tape can be dimmed when using Dimmable drivers and suitable LED dimmers. We offer a bespoke service for our tape and we are happy to discuss any requirements and measurements with you to establish length of the LED tape and what drivers you will need.

    We also have a range of 1m and 2m LED profile to compliment the tape and to help angle/direct light where you want to point it. If a profile is not used we recommend the use of a foil tape underneath to help with heat sink(to help to disapate the heat and keep the life of the tape)

    All of this is on display now in our showroom and we can of course help and advise in anyway. We are happy to offer design ideas and help. Please contcat us if you have any querries [email protected]






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    Genuine Verdigris Aged Copper Lights

    Posted on: 25 Sep 2019. Category: Genuine Verdigris Aged Copper Lights

    Genuine Verdigris Aged Copper Lights

    Here at Ablectrics we decided to create our own brand of lighting as we wanted to get back to the old mid century British approach to manufacturing. Not a that will do attitude but products that are built with care and made using the best materials, fittings that will stand the test of time. Having had great success selling genuine vintage lights from the 1940s we wanted to bring a range to market that will also still be working in 60 years time. Through our sister company, Fraser Besant Lighting, We have a wide range of different Verdigris light fittings for you home. This finish is ideal for barns conversions where you still want the rustic look but need the practicality of modern wiring and LED technologly.

    Light Fittings

    We have various sizes of ceiling roses(1-7 ways) and these can be attached to a standard ES lampholder for use with our range of Decorative LED's, a GU10 fire rated downlight and different sizes of Pendant sets. Baton holders are also possible and you can mix and match with other metal finishes for that unique look.

    To create this natural aged effect takes several days to break the copper finish down, once the patina/verdigris has set in we then lacquer them by hand to seal the finish. This is a very unique and beautiful patina finish and each one we make is slightly different which adds to the character of a finished lighting design and our displays in our Bristol showroom show the variation in finishes beautifully.  

    Bespoke Design and Build

    We offer a lighting design service for the home or office and this can include bespoke light fittings. Many of the pendants can be wired into different ceiling attachments including tracks and Metal conduit. We can also produce wall lights in various different iterations to complete a room. Please contact us for more details on any designs/enquiries you might have.


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    Lighting Sale in Bristol October 26th

    Posted on: 24 Sep 2019. Category: Lighting Sale in Bristol October 26th

    Lighting Sale in Bristol October 26th

    Ablectrics Electrical Wholesaler is having it's final sale day of the year, On the 26th October you can get 15% off all lighting, LED Light bulbs and Rako home automation in store or online. Energy saving Bulbs can save you money especially in the winter months when lights get left on for hours. These sale days have proved very successful in the past and a lot of our customers have pre-planned the items they wish to purchase

    Rako Home Automation

    Rako is leading the way in providing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications. Rako realise that planning a project can be confusing, especially with the vast array of lamp types and fittings now available. With an unparalleled range of products, together with a hugely experienced support team and network of trained dealers, there's always someone able and willing to help. They offer a number of product options including wireless control for ease of installation and retro-fit applications to more complex solutions for a wired network. The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means that Rako can provide the best possible approach for any project

    LED Light Bulbs

    We have a wide selection of styles, caps and colours all available in stock(with many more to order) all at the highest quality. High CRI, dimmable, warm white are just some of the characteristics when looking for LED's, not sure what's best for you? Contact us and we are happy to advise which type will suit your room best. We can also make bespoke lengths of LED tape for various rooms and features

    We are open from 8:00 - 17:30 or if you cannot make it into the shop you can use the discount code OCT1519 (active for both Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th) to receive the same great offer online. Ablectrics Lighting Showroom is on the Gloucester Road in Bristol, Come on down and pay us a visit.

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    Lighting Repair Service

    Posted on: 23 Sep 2019. Category: Lighting Repair Service

    Lighting Repair Service

    If you have an old light fitting that needs to be rewired or you want to turn something into a light fitting we can help you. Either bring the light fitting into the shop and we will give you a quote, Don't live near to Bristol to bring the light in? call or email us to discuss the work then arrange to send your light fitting to us, we can then rewire it and deliver it back. When sending lighting be sure only to send the bits needed to make the repair, light shades and any glass should be removed. This will avoid damage in transit. If the fitting is very fragile we would not advise sending it with couriers, especially if the fitting is irreplaceable or very valuable. Although we will make every effort to package and protect it during transit we will not accept responsibility for damages.

    Our on site workshop and multiple suppliers of spare parts gives us every opportunity to repair you light but unfortunatley not every light can be re-wired. Some older vintage lights are simply impossible to fit new insulated cable inside. We will make every effort to undertake any work that we get but if the fitting is unable to be rewired we will offer you a full refund. If you are then unable to collect the light then we can deliver it back at your cost. 

    Basic Pricing

    Basic table lamp rewire including 2 meters of cable, new lamp holder and a plug £25 inc vat

    As above but fitted with an inline rocker switch £30 inc vat

    Basic floor lamp rewire including 2 meters of flex, new lamp holder and a plug £30 inc vat

    As above but fitted with an in-line floor switch £35 inc vat

    Rewiring a vintage pendant, 1500mm drop including galvanized chain + vintage style cable and a decorative BC lampholder supplied £45 inc vat

    Rewiring a chandelier, we charge £30 inc vat per arm this includes all the cable and a brand new decorative lamp holder.

    Rewiring a wall light, we charge £25 inc vat per arm this includes all the cable and a brand new decorative lamp holder.

    We try our best to keep to these prices but occasionally when a light is sent into us and we've had a closer look at it sometimes the work needed can cost more, we will always contact you first before performing any alterations in this matter.

    Bespoke Lighting

    We also offer a full bespoke design and build service. If you have something you want to turn into a light then we can help. Having worked on an array of exciting and challenging projects over the years from glass bottles to car parts and old signs we can usually come up with something you'll like. Please contact us to discuss any questions or talk though the design in full. 








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    Wiska Combi 206 IP66 Junction Box

    Posted on: 20 Sep 2019. Category: Wiska Combi 206 IP66 Junction Box

    Wiska Combi 206 IP66 Junction Box

    The COMBI 206 is the smallest member of the COMBI junction box range measuring 85 x 49mm, approximately half the size of the COMBI 308 model. The COMBI 206 offers WISKA’s usual high Ingress Protection rating (IP66/67) as well as the user-friendly threaded membrane entry system (6 x M20 threaded entries and 2 rear membrane entries).  The COMBI 206 is available in black, light grey and white this clever little box is perfect for outside applications including video-surveillance systems and LED lighting, offering all the benefits of its COMBI 308 big brother, in a smaller solution. Wago connectors are also ideal for use inside this box(The COMBI 206 can also be used with SWA Cable with the addition of a simple earthing solution).

    WISKA’s COMBI 206 makes the finals

    WISKA’s latest product (The COMBI 206) has been selected as a finalist for this year’s Electrical Industry Awards 2019.These Awards are a annual awards ceremony organised by Electrical Times Magazine, celebrating excellence and product innovation within the electrical industry.  The COMBI 206 has been selected for Residential/ Domestic Product of the Year 2019.

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    Kitchen Lighting

    Posted on: 17 Sep 2019. Category: kitchen lighting

    Kitchen Lighting

    Lighting in a kitchen is an integral part of any kitchen design and should be a key consideration during initial planning. Often referred to as the 'heart of the home' the kitchen is a multi-purpose space and therefore thought should be given to the different tasks and occasions of the space. Lighting should be employed as a way to make your kitchen a more functional and enjoyable space ensuring it caters for practical tasks such as cooking and cleaning yet also works to create an atmosphere peferct for entertaining. Whatever your requirements the lighting scheme should enable and enhance the experience, follow the below steps to help to make a functional and enjoyable Kitchen

    Task Lighting

    Position recessed downlights in line with the edge of your work surface, spacing approximately every meter will give even coverage from a light source with a 38° beam angle. For very high ceilings fittings need to be closer together to achieve a brightly lit working surface. Only use Downlights for task lighting, Do not use in walkways as this is wasted light. Adding in under cabinet lighting for additional light on work surfaces or in areas where there is no flat ceiling above a task area, LED strip lighting proviides a contemporay line of light while the focused beams from spotlights and interest to plain walls.  

    Avoid placing downlights over cabinets, as this will onyl shine light on them and not the room. Downlights placed over walkways can create shadows on work surfaces, walkways receive their light from reflections off cabinets and walls and finally avoid pointing fittings directly at seating postions, sitting in the glare of a light is uncomfortable.

    Ambient Lighting

    A row of pendants provides good ambient light in the centre of the room while a single pendant gives a wash of light over a dining table. Use wall lights to bathe the walls to create a sense of light without lighting the whole area, this can make smaller kitchens feel bigger. If wall lights are not possible angled downlights pointing towards the walls can create the same feeling or can be used to light pictures or feature walls. Lighting placed on top of cabinets to wash the ceilings and give perception of taller ceilings

    Feature Lighting

    Pendants both break up the space and create cosy areas, use over tables and islands. A single statement pendant provides maximum impact but is also easy to change if tastes or decor change. Layer your lighting and use multiple, and dimming, circuits where possible.This will enable you to have many different lighting states and help create moods for different times of the day.

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    Seletti Lighting stockist in Bristol

    Posted on: 11 Sep 2019. Category: Seletti Lighting stockist in Bristol

    Seletti Lighting stockist in Bristol

    SELETTI – A charming place that links design to pop art.

    From its very first year in 1964, Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has followed its principle of professionality service and constant research to strive for betterness innovation and originality. The company focuses on design projects and on creative characteristic Italian excellence. The collections containing art blended with daily life icons, send a message of shape and function, conveying to its customers a vision for a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. Today Seletti aims at new productions, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty.

    Monkey Lamps

    A fun and sneaky family of monkey lamps with a strong aesthetic impact, Art design and the animal world blend together creating the perfect setting for an enchanted home. White and black versions available(black can be used outside)

    Mice lamps

    The only Mice you'll want in your house, They are Step(Standing), Lop(sitting) and Lop(lying) and they run around the house looking for bizarre objects lighting the way with their LED light bulbs

    Bird Lamps

    Light up your room with a little help of a feathered friend, Just like in a fairy tale, four clever ravens shed some light for you to find your way. These kind and quirky birds are made of resin and available in white and black(outside versions available)

    You can view and buy them on our website Here

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    Bristol's leading Cable Stockists

    Posted on: 10 Sep 2019. Category: Bristol's leading Cable Stockists

    Bristol's leading Cable Stockists

    Here at Ablectrics we stock a wide range of cables and flexes for you to be able to complete any task in your home or Garden. From SWA to Braided Flex we have you covered.

    Twin and Earth

    Twin and earth cable is one of the most common types of cable, it has two individual insulated current carrying conductors(live and neutral) and a uninsulated circuit protective conductor(earth) and is used for most of the wiring connected to your fuse board. It is available in various sizes depending on the application

    Steel Wired Armoured

    Steel Wire Armoured Cable is designed to have mechanical protection, which is why the cable is often used for external use. The armour is used to reduce any risk of the cable getting pinched or damaged; the steel is used to protect the armoured cable. SWA cables are heavy, which makes them extremely difficult to bend; therefore they are most suited to underground cabling or fixed to outdoor walls using cable cleats.

    Fabric Flex

    Fabric, or sometimes known as Braided, Flex is used for pendants and has various colours to blend with any decor. Normally 3 core(for metal lampholders needing an earth) and can help to finish a design

    You can view some of our cable online at the link below:[0]=field_product_category%253Aparents_all%3A485




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    Hamilton Litestat stockists in Bristol

    Posted on: 09 Sep 2019. Category: Hamilton Litestat stockists in Bristol

    Hamilton Litestat stockists in Bristol

    High quality decorative electrical wiring accessories, circuit protection, lighting controls and multi-room audio systems, designed and manufactured to meet the project demands of architects, interior designers and installers Engineering skills, an eye for design and an obsession for quality, combined with the values of a long-established family company, Hamilton celebrates a fantastic milestone this year as the Business reaches its 50th anniversary.

    Hamilton is among the leaders in British manufacturing SMEs.With a wide range of capabilities to meet the needs and exacting demands of the professionals we work with, we deliver an endto-end range of wiring accessories and circuit protection devices, plus lighting & audio controls for homes of the discerning, hotels of distinction, heritage properties and the latest signature developments. Beginning with the assembly of dimmers (then a new technology when they started out in the 1960s), the company has progressed through building a portfolio of designs to please the interiors fashion industry, to harnessing today’s ‘smart’ technologies to serve the current insatiable appetite for electronic and remote control of all aspects of living.

    Wring accessory ranges inlcude:






    A tailor made service Bespoke electrical wiring accessories

    Every now and then a project needs something a little different  …a special! Hamilton have a bespoke design and manufacturing service, they can create tailor-made prototypes to a highly finished standard for you exactly how your ideas will look, and work as a custom-built electrical accessory. Tell them what function the item is to fulfil, what style and finish you are leaning towards, and their in-house team of experts will design and manufacture a unique personalised solution that will match your exact requirements. We’ll start by creating 3D CAD views, enabling your idea to take shape and be inspected from different angles and perspectives before proceeding to prototype sampling.

    Please contact us for pricing and availabilty



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    Wago Stockists in Bristol

    Posted on: 06 Sep 2019. Category: Wago stockists in bristol

    Wago Stockists in Bristol

    BS 7671 states that “a junction box with screw terminals must be accessible” so that connections can be available for inspection, testing and maintenance. However, the standard doesn’t actually define exactly what is meant by “accessible”, leaving the interpretation of the word somewhat open to debate. Stipulating that connections should be accessible is a logical and welcome rule, but in some situations, installers could perhaps benefit from some clarification as to what is accessible and what isn’t in order to improve consistency across the industry. As it stands, one person’s definition of accessible might be quite different to that of his or her industry colleagues, while electricians, consultants, designers and assessors all might have their own interpretations. No one wants their work pulled up on an assessment and have to rewire, especially if it’s arguably just the result of a grey area in The Regs. However, BS 7671 does offer provisions for a solution even if an area is deemed inaccessible.

    What is “Accessible” in BS 7671?

    Furthermore, it could be argued that ambiguity in the regulations is, in fact, essential to take into account the fact that no two installations are the same, and that what seems accessible in the context of one building may quite reasonably be considered inaccessible in another. Take for instance laminate flooring. Some say that placing a junction box under laminate flooring would render it inaccessible. However, you could also argue that if the laminate is not glues together and can be lifted/replaced without damaging the property or its contents, then whilst this may be highly inconvenient, the connections can still be accessed. Just because a connection is difficult to access does not mean it is inaccessible. If lifting the floor truly is the best option available, then that option starts to look rather more accessible when compared to the alternatives. The point is that without BS 7671 defining it specifically one way or another, these arguments are going to continue to rumble on. In an ideal world all connections would be accessible so that they can be inspected and maintained, but in reality, there are occasions when it’s simply not possible to provide accessible connections. This could, for instance, be a project in a listed building where floorboards physically can’t be lifted, or a property where removing panels would create a structural risk, or if there simply isn’t enough space.