June 2016

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    Wago installer Products, suitable for many types of wiring

    Posted on: 24 Jun 2016. Category: Wago installer Products, suitable for many types of wiring

    Wago installer Products, suitable for many types of wiring. Wago has built a reputation over more than 60 years for providing Innovative interconnection solutions. With their large selection of connectors solid, stranded or flexible cables can all be connected quickly, safely and easily. All or our wago connectors are reusable and vibration proof and meet the most stringent UK standards including the electrical requirement of BS7671. You can view and buy wago prouducts from us at the link below:


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    Electricians Trade Kits for £29.99 Including VAT

    Posted on: 23 Jun 2016. Category: Electricians Trade Kits for £29.99 Including VAT

    Electricians Trade Kits for £29.99 Including VAT, We have a selection of trade kits in stock and readily available. These kits are ideal for keeping your van tidier(and a lot of electricians in Bristol need tidier vans, at least the regulars we get in do). We have the crimp kit which has a selection of insulated crimps and the heat shrink kit, which as the name suggests is filled with various sizes of heat shrink. All the heat shrink tubes are manufactured and stretched to a certain diameter. Interestingly enough, the "shrinking" process actually restores the tubing to its original size, as the stretching process is the actual alteration. Heat guns give you the best results for 'shrinking'. Both kits can be bought from the links below:



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    Pond Lighting - Which lights are suitable

    Posted on: 22 Jun 2016. Category: Pond Lighting - Which lights are suitable

    Lighting up you Pond can make it come alive at night making your garden look completely different to the day time. Lighting adds beauty, enjoyment and functionality to your pond. While many omit lighting, it does help to think about lighting that could be added later if not included initially. You may want to plan a more comprehensive landscape lighting plan of which pond lighting will be only one part. There are 2 ways of lighting your pond, from the edges or from in the pond itself, The lights in the link below are for the latter part, Submersible. For a light to be submersible it needs to have a 'IP' rating. This rating tells us how waterproof the light is and there are 2 numbers after the 'IP' to help. The first number(not relevant for this) is for protection against solid materials, The Second Number is for Liquids(water), The higher the number the better the protection is. The numbers need for installing lights in the Pond are IP*7 and IP*8. The two numbers allow for different depths of submersion. IP*7 is up to 1m, IP*8 is over 1m(there is a limit but most ponds are not that deep). See some of our Submersible IP68 lighting at the link below:


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    Heat Outdoors Low Glare infrared Garden heaters from £225.00

    Posted on: 20 Jun 2016. Category: Heat Outdoors Low Glare infrared Garden heaters from £225.00

    Outdoor heating solutions can be tricky, there are many options on the market. People are concerned with energy efficiency in their homes, but when it comes to the garden we often turn a blind eye. If you spend a lot of summer evenings in the garden, you might be interested in an energy efficient heating solution designed for just that purpose...

    Infrared heaters, until recently, were almost exclusively used by commercial premises and places like restaurants and bars. The technology has evolved and make infrared heaters more accessible and gardens are starting to take advantage of their energy efficient warmth. Unlike other methods of heating your garden, they require next to no maintenance and are completely weatherproof. There's also less chance of heat escaping and disappearing off into the night due to the way infrared heaters work, they don't heat the air so there's no convection current to speak of and there are no moving parts.

    The Heat outdoors Shadow low glare heaters can be viewed and bought from the link below:



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    KSR Lighting - The Ultimate Lighting Solution

    Posted on: 17 Jun 2016. Category: KSR Lighting - The Ultimate Lighting Solution

    KSR Lighting has a vast array of lighting products ranging from contemporary internal lighting to domestic and commercial exterior lighting including the latest ranges of LED & Low energy products. All KSR Lighting products are manufactured in accordance with the latest European certification bodies. We ensure that all of our products are tested thoroughly and that all comply with current European safety and technical standards. We stock a selection of KSR LED lighting and can order anything from their brochure. You can view and buy the KSR Mini Cabello decking lights from the link below:


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    Electrics and Lighting's Lighting repair and rewire service

    Posted on: 16 Jun 2016. Category: Electrics and Lighting's Lighting repair and rewire service

    Ablectrics offers a light fitting restoration and repair service. If you have an old light that needs to be rewired, a broken light that needs fixing or you want to turn something into a light fitting we can help. Either bring the light fitting into the shop and we will give you a quote for the work. Or if you do not live in Bristol you can call us to discuss the work then arrange to send your light fitting to us, we can then fix it and deliver it back. When sending lighting be sure only to send the bits needed to make the repair, light shades and any glass should be removed. You can view more details from the link below:


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    Electrics and Lighting's Lighting Design Service

    Posted on: 15 Jun 2016. Category: Electrics and Lighting's Lighting Design Service

    As well as developing and selling lighting Electrics and Lighting also offer a full lighting design service. If your working on your home or business and need help with lighting then give me a call. I offer a free lighting design service in Bristol but can travel further. To discuss costs please call or email me. Fraser(the lighting designer) has his own website which showcases some of his work, ideas and concepts and includes customer testimonials. The website can be view from the link below:


    We also have the lighting showroom in Bristol with over 500 fittings on display and all of the lighting and LEDs that I have developed. As part of my design service we would always recommend a visit to the showroom to see the many different styles of lighting and the way different colour temperature lamps can affect a space. The showroom not only displays the fittings it shows how they will light a space. If you already have ideas or a lighting design from a builder or arcitect we can check to ensure everything has been considered and will work. We can go over every aspect of the job room by room. We can over lay a lighting design onto a CAD drawing which can be easily followed by an electrician making life on site a lot easier. We can create lighting mood boards working with colour schemes, furniture and other decor to ensure the lighting chosen is perfect for the space. We can order samples and can work directly with builders and contractors. We can arrange staggered deliveries to meet tight deadlines and ensure from an electrics and lighting stand point that everything goes flawlessly.

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    Hagar 3rd ammendment Fuse Boards and Breakers

    Posted on: 14 Jun 2016. Category: Hagar 3rd ammendment Fuse Boards and Breakers

    The Hager Design 10 range of Consumer Units is amendment 3 compliant. The Design 10 is suitable for installations where the board will not be on show(Design 30 is a more aesthetically pleasing product). It's a Metal split load board an enclosures come supplied with a full metal DIN rail and 2 RCCBs and full complement of earth and neutral terminals along with marking labels, busbar and instructions. They conform to BS EN 61439-3 Including Annex ZB (16kA rating). All Design 10 boards contain top, bottom & rear knockouts for easy installation. You can view and buy our range of Hagar fuse boards and Breakers from the link below:


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    KSR Mini Cabello LED Recessed Decking Lights for £10.25 Each

    Posted on: 13 Jun 2016. Category: KSR Mini Cabello LED Recessed Decking Lights for £10.25 Each

    KSR Mini Cabello Recessed Decking Lights for £10.25 Each, These IP65 316L Stainless Steel Recessed Lights are available in square or round and are ideal for decking areas. These 12v LED decking lights require a driver(KSRDL283) and you can run up to 20 of them on each one. small and discreet with an 18mm cut out and only running at 0.1 watt these ksr decking lights are perfect for edging and marking, They could also be used in your kitchen as a decorative light in the plinth. Comes with a 2 year guarantee and you can view an buy from the link below:


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    Summer is coming - Cooling Fans available from £15.99

    Posted on: 09 Jun 2016. Category: Summer is coming - Cooling Fans available from £15.99

    Summer is coming - Cooling Fans available from £15.99, We have desk and pedestal fans in stock and available for next day delivery. The advantages of using electric fans is low price and low power and the concept is quite simple. All our fans are adjustable and oscillating and various speeds and can be adjusted to your needs. Because of the low wattage you have low cost. The price and cost of use is very affordable compared to the use of air conditioning. They are easy to clean, without need to call the specialists and pay the extra money. Cooling fans are easily disassembled.

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