February 2015

  • Genuine Vintage restored light fittings

    Posted on: 27 Feb 2015. Category: Genuine vintage light fittings

    We now buy, sell and restore genuine vintage lighting. We have many contacts across the UK having been trading for 41 years, so we often pick up lots of vintage lighting. Most of this is 50+ years old so needs a little TLC. We have a workshop at the rear of the shop and an electrician comes in twice a week to refurb the lighting as it comes in. Not only do we restore lighting to sell on we also repair old light fittings for customers. This new service has proven very popular as many companies do not offer a repair service and most people have resolved to the fact that they may have to bin a much loved light fitting, as they do not know how to repair it.

    To view our range of genuine vintage lighting on our website follow the below link.



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    Supplier Spotlight - Airflow

    Posted on: 26 Feb 2015. Category: supplier spotlight

    In 1955, from one man's expertise in the fields of fan design and air flow measurement, the Airflow Developments group of companies was founded. Initially based in one factory in High Wycombe the company has since blossomed into a thriving multi-million pound international, manufacturing and research group headquartered in High Wycombe. Airflow has earned its reputation as a world leader by continually providing innovative, quality products backed by in-built reliability and developed by experts in air movement who manufacture to the stringent requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Building Regulations Approved Document F: Ventilation (2010 Edition), stipulates the provision of adequate mechanical ventilation rates in non-habitable rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and utility rooms in domestic dwellings. Naturally AIRFLOW fans exceed the requirements helping to combat the harmful effects of dampness and condensation, and by extracting airborne pollutants such as odours, cooking smells, humid and stale air, the potential hazards to the health of occupants and possible damage to the fabric of the building can be largely eliminated.

    What the regulations say
    Toilet/sanitary accommodation 6 l/sec (22 m3/hr)
    Bathroom/shower room 15 l/sec (54 m3/hr)
    Kitchen adjacent to hob 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr)
    Kitchen without cooker hood 60 l/sec (216 m3/hr)
    Utility room 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr)

    View Airflow's range here:

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    Introducing LightwaveRF Plus, add to the touch

    Posted on: 25 Feb 2015. Category: lightwaveRF

    LightwaveRF Plus is a new range of accessories that compliment the LightwaveRF smart dimmers and sockets. Available in stainless steel, white and chrome, Plus accessories are a perfect match to the LightwaveRF products, but are designed for those electric sockets in the home that do not require radio frequency control. This comprehensive range includes telecom and shaver sockets, fan isolator switches and much more. Lightwave Plus is coming soon and all products will be added to our inventory once available.

    View the current LightwaveRF products here:

  • Dimmable LED tape kits now available

    Posted on: 24 Feb 2015. Category: Dimmable LED DIY tape kits

    We now have in stock a range of dimmable DIY LED tapes. These come in 5 metre runs and are available in two different colour options, 2800k warm white and 4000k cool white. They are also available in two different outputs. We have a 60 LED per metre kit which is ideal for decorative/mood lighting. We also have a 120 LED per metre kit which is up to 700 lumens per metre. This is ideal for primary lighting in kitchens and as wall wash lighting. We sell a great range of aluminium channel which allows a range of varied applications for the tape. Including a corner mounted profile which would allow for the perfect installation in a kitchen as it would sit on the back of the wall under the unit and focus all the light at the perfect angle to iluminate the work surface. Both channels are IP rated and act as heat sinks for the tape. In affect doubling the life expectancy of the LEDs. To view the range of LED tape we now have available follow this link. http://www.electricsandlighting.co.uk/product-category/led-tape?f[0]...


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    S-Box - a revolutionary range of pop-up products for the Kitchen and the home

    Posted on: 23 Feb 2015. Category: Brand new Items

    An innovative and unique ‘third design dimension’ for the home of the future, Simple to operate and cleverly creating new space in the surface of any worktop or cabinet, the S-Box™ collection provides a range of useful items that can be hidden from view, and presented only when needed with the touch of a finger. The S-Box™ collection is available now and can be designed into your new kitchen as part of the project. This first S-Box™ range is a practical and stylish way to increase the storage space in your Kitchen and with a carefully selected range of products and contents to suit every taste, enables your kitchen to look clean, clutter-free and well presented. Maximising otherwise wasted space towards the rear of the cabinet or within the voids in a kitchen island, each S-Box™ can be easily installed and adds value and innovation to any kitchen design. Described as the most innovative development in the kitchen market since the soft-close drawer, the S-Box™ is set to become the next "must-have" accessory in every household.

    You can buy here:

  • Nordlux lighting stockists

    Posted on: 21 Feb 2015. Category: Nordlux lighting stockists

    We stock Nordlux branded lighting here in the UK. These beautiful contemporary light fittings come from Denmark and are proving very popular here in the UK. The mix of urban and modern styling makes them an ideal choice for the UK market. They make a distinguished range of metal pendants, copper garden lights and stylish reading wall lights and table lamps. View the range of Nordlux lights here on our website now. http://www.electricsandlighting.co.uk/product-category/lighting?f[0]...


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    Battery powered Sensor Light

    Posted on: 19 Feb 2015. Category: LED lighting

    Do you have trouble seeing into your shed in the dark?, no easy way of getting power there to light it? then worry no more as Osram have produced a Battery IP44 LED sensor light which is perfect for such jobs. Supplied with a self adhesive tape(or Screws) it can be fixed to most surfaces. Its Cool White 1.6 watt LED (which stays on for just 10 seconds to unnecessarily reduce battery life) is bright enough to be able to be mounted at 2m high and has a Detection area (sensor): 2 m, 130°.

    You can buy here:

  • Fireknight LED IP65 Dimmable Downlight

    Posted on: 18 Feb 2015. Category: led downlights

    FireKnight is an IP65 7W SHARP LED COB (chip on board) dimmable fire-rated downlight. With a high lumen output of up to 490lm, this low energy downlight offer a true 'halogen feel' and is available in a choice of warm white (3000K) and cool white (4000K). It is supplied with a pre-wired 'plug and play' dimmable LED driver and a white bezel as standard. Further interchangeable twist and lock bezels are now available in 17 variations to complete any scheme or adhere to specification. All models are fire-rated to 90 minutes. An extended warranty of up to 7 years is available on request. IP65 Die-cast Aluminium construction.

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    Rope Light

    Posted on: 17 Feb 2015. Category: LED lighting

    Rope lights are an easy way to introduce creativity and color into your lighting design. They are made up of tiny lights, either incandescent bulbs or light emitting diodes (LEDs), which are spaced about an inch apart and covered in heavy-duty plastic tubing. Their construction provides for strength and durability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is their flexibility and customizable, form-fitting nature that distinguishes rope lights from other light sources. Rope lights are a very versatile product that can be installed just about anywhere, conforming to the shape of their surroundings. One of the most common uses is as a cove or accent light. Placing a rope light behind another object can provide a soft and appealing accent glow. This method is often used in home theaters, living rooms, bars, clubs, trade shows, and anywhere else where a soft glow is desired. A second use for rope lights is perimeter lighting, where a run of rope light outlines or wraps around an architectural element in order to define it and bring attention to it. This technique can be used around decks, staircases, railings, and building facades. Another common use is to place the rope lights in the foreground of your space as the main focal point. This works especially well when the rope lights are twisted and bent into interesting forms or recognizable shapes or sculptures.

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    Megaman 5 Watt longer bodied GU10

    Posted on: 16 Feb 2015. Category: LED lighting

    Megaman have created a replacement for the longer bodied Compact Fluorescent GU10's, Meaning anyone with fixed lampholder downlights can now have LED lights. The 74mm length matches the older CFL lamps perfectly and at only 5 watts(330 lumens) saving you even more money in running costs.

    Buy here now:

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