October 2014

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    British General Consumer Units

    Posted on: 30 Oct 2014. Category: product news

    BG Consumer Units are a Modern style available in many sizes and configurations and many features to enable fast and simple installation. All Insulated units supplied with 40x16, 25x16, 16x16mm cutouts for mini trunking and each consumer unit is supplied with two cover blanks. They are tall enough to enable easier installation of RCBOs, Dual RCD units are supplied with optional High Integrity as standard. With over 60 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of electrical accessories BG has gained an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.

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    IP65 DIY LED Tape 5m Kit

    Posted on: 29 Oct 2014. Category: LED lighting

    5m LED tape Kit available in warm(3100k) or cool(5000k) white. It has an adhesive back for easy installation and an epoxy coating to protect from damage(which also makes it IP65 rated). It is low voltage operated at 12Vdc and is suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms in either the home, caravan, cars or lorries. It can be cut every 5cm and rejoined if you have any corners or small distances to cover. The 60 x SMD3528 LED's per metre and 130 degree beam angle means you get a even spread of light and at only 5.76 watts per metre is energy efficient too.

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    Tiffany Lighting by Interiors 1900 - Masterpieces of design and Decorative Lighting

    Posted on: 28 Oct 2014. Category: supplier spotlight

    Each of Interiors 1900 Tiffany Lamps is hand made using only the highest quality Art-Glass. The glass itself is hand crafted with the craftsman mixing glass colours whilst molten. Using this technique means that each panel of glass is unique and the variations of colour and texture give ‘life’ to the glass. Depending on the design the glass can be textured or finished with a variety of techniques such as adding iridescence to the glass. Each shade starts out as an artists drawing. A prototype new shade is built up freehand. This is used to make a plaster impression of the shade which becomes a pattern or mould to lay out glass during production. Each lamp uses a variety of different types of glass. Glass is carefully chosen over a lamp to see how the end result will be lit and unlit.Each piece of the lamp shade is carefully cut from the appropriate glass by hand and checked. The glass pieces are then ground to remove sharp edges and have copper foil wrapped around each edge. Only the best solder, giving the most perfect edge, is used for Interiors 1900 shades. With all the cutting and foiling finished, the pieces are placed onto the plaster mould which resembles a 3D jigsaw. Extra care is taken with interiors 1900 lamps by building the shade in stages to ensure the pattern remains perfect. The pieces are soldered together in sections as the lamp is built up. Once all the glass pieces are in place the shade is taken from the mould and soldered again on the outside to add strength and create an attractive finish. The lamp shade is the washed and dried and all the fresh solder is patinated to give it the desirable dull grey colour. Production is checked by rigorous QC staff throughout every step so any problems can be rectified at an early stage. Before packing, each shade is given a final thorough check over a lamp to ensure the pattern is correct, all soldering is of the highest quality and every piece of glass is in perfect condition. Many of our shades contain hundreds of pieces of individual glass. To cut, foil, solder and finish each shade takes many man hours with some shades taking more than a day to complete! This careful skilled construction coupled with the quality of the art-glass used ensures that each Interiors 1900 in perfect condition.


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    Fabas Luce Lighting - Dynamism, flexibility and innovation

    Posted on: 27 Oct 2014. Category: supplier spotlight

    Three words that sum up FABAS LUCE and are the key of its success. A noteworthy stock of experience gathered in many years of operation in indoor lighting sector, allows FABAS LUCE to be present, with its own brand, in the most important retail markets. Founded in 1979 and it is situated in Brugherio nearby Milan – Italy, FABAS LUCE's mission is to introduce products of design which can meet everyone’s requirements.Fabas Luce has always stood out for originality of it's creations. Increasingly the use of LED's is opening up unforeseen horizons to combine aesthetic beauty with energy saving and efficiency.

    View the Fabas Luce range here:

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    Robus 240v Lighting Track and Spots

    Posted on: 24 Oct 2014. Category: Track Lighting

    A stylish and attractive way to illuminate a space, Robus track lighting is characterised by a track with a single power source with several smaller light fixtures attached. It can be installed on ceilings or the walls, and the fixtures can be moved along the length of the track so you can focus your lighting any angle you wish(so when the other half decides to redecorate for the third time in a year there will be no need to change the lighting). Choosing LED lamps lets you enjoy all the benefits of fixtures while being energy efficient.

    To view the range click on the link below:

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    Elstead Lighting - New products for 2014-15 now online

    Posted on: 23 Oct 2014. Category: product news

    Elstead Lighting have released there new range of fittings for 2014-15. Elstead specialises in decorative residential lighting that take classical influences in their design and style. Elstead are proud to still use traditional handcrafts in the production of their lights as well as embrace the modern technology available with CNC machines. A large number of the Elstead interior collection is manufactured in Alton using traditional welding and patination skills to create distinctive products. In 2012 Elstead introduced four North American lighting brands into the 240v market. Elstead has signed partnership deals with Feiss, Hinkley, Quoizel and Flambeau to modify a selection from each of their portfolios, so their products are suitable for the 240v electric supply. This selection will grow each year to offer more from these great USA designed products. The modern Elstead Lighting specialises in the design and manufacture of products that blend quality and style, whether they are classic or contemporary in appearance. Based in the heart of the Hampshire countryside in Alton, England, Elstead uses modern methods and machinery alongside the original hand crafted skills handed down over the years. Elstead Lighting products can now be found worldwide, from homes to hotels, restaurants to parks, bringing style and quality wherever they can be seen.

    View the entire Elstead range below:

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    The advantages of Oil Filled Radiators

    Posted on: 22 Oct 2014. Category: heating

    Concerned with finding the best way to keep your home warm while keeping their energy bills low, Nobody wants their children to have to sleep in a cold room, or to have to work in a freezing office for a boss who likes to keep things economical. But electricity can be expensive, and heaters can use a lot of electricity. oil filled radiator heaters use a cycle of oil to keep plates heated. Oil is pumped through the heating plates in a continuous cycle, keeping them warm and providing constant heat to the room. This heats a room more efficiently and consistently than electric heaters even thought the actual temperature of the heater is much lower. As the oil circulates, it is kept warm either by an electric heating coil. Oil by nature retains heat for a long time, it takes time to heat up and then takes a long time to lose its heat. This makes it a constant and reliable source for all kinds of applications. It also means that significantly less energy is needed to run an oil radiator than to run other alternatives. Once the oil is hot, not much energy is needed to sustain the heat and the radiator continues to run with high-efficiency. This will prove very useful in lowering anyones monthly energy bill. The energy efficiency is not the only benefit of oil heaters. They are much safer than the electric and gas options for they do not become as hot as electric heaters, and thereby do not present such a fire hazard thanks to their sealed designs. This makes them much safer for young children and animals that may get too close or place something on top of the heater. They are more convenient that fan heaters because of their lack of noise and are also better for those with asthma than fan heaters; they do not blow dust and allergens around a room.

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  • Vintage lighting fully restored

    Posted on: 21 Oct 2014. Category: vintage lighting

    We now restore, repair and upcycle vintage light fittings in our new workshop. We have some stunning and unique light fittings from all over the UK. We have many of the vinatge lights online now and will be photgraphing more as we repair them. Check out the collection online now, or if your in Bristol come in and see the selection on display in our Bristol lighting showroom. http://goo.gl/qXs94G

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    New Range coming soon - Screwless Wiring Accessories by Knightsbridge

    Posted on: 20 Oct 2014. Category: product news

    The Knightsbridge Range of Screwless Style Wiring Accessories. Available in 5 stylish finishes with an ultra slim profile design and high quality metalic switches. The screwless design features an easy clip on cover, an internal gasket for moisture protection and is contructed from durable, high temperature resistant thermoset material. Choose from Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Matt Black, Black Nickel and Brushed Chrome and each range has the new USB Adapted Sockets, ideal for charging your device and keeping valuable sockets free. A 5V DC 2.1 Amp rating means both USB sockets can be used simultaneously alongside the 13 A socket.

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    Low energy vintage light bulb out next week

    Posted on: 18 Oct 2014. Category: LED lighting

    We have just be informed that our 4 watt LED squirrel cage lamp is on its way to the UK. This means all backorders will be satisfied in the next 10 days. We have both E27 and B22 cap available and have worked very hard to ensure that the decorative features of the standard filament lamp remain. The new vintage style LED we have developed replicates the intricate filament that has made the normal lamp so popular. It is also dimmable and has a life expectancy of 25,000 hours so 10 times longer than a normal light bulb. You can buy them online or from us in our Bristol store.


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